Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Woods: Not Livin' The Dream

Tiger Woods is NOT Livin' The Dream
Tiger, Tiger Woods Yall!
What a difference a 3 weeks makes! Tiger Woods was the symbol of excellence to the sports world just 3 short weeks ago. He was featured on billboards, TV ads, basically you could not watch TV without seeing him in some capacity. Today he is being dropped by most of his sponsors and being called a Sex Addict.
Tiger's golf career has been put on hold while he tries to save his marriage and get his life back together but I don't know if I buy it. Talks of large sums of money being paid to his wife, make me wonder what she is really in all of this for? What makes her any different than any of these other girls if she hangs around for the money? I understand you have kids, you want to have a father around for them, but doing it for the money makes me sick.
Tiger Woods needs to take notes from his friend Derek Jeter, don't get married if you want to play the field ... be glad she came after you with your Nike SQ DYMO 360 Driver and not a shotgun!
Rhetorical Questions :
- What will the final count be before the end of the year?
- Will he ever be the same golfer?
- Do you think he is a Sex Addict?
- Do you think he is "Bone Thugs"?
- How soon before Chris Rock has a new Tiger bit?
- What is Tiger really thinking about doing in that picture?
- The fist pump could have a totally new meaning ... just sayin!


  1. Awesome post - it's refreshing to see a new take on the whole soap opera. I have to agree with you here about Elin, too.

    BTW, I love the third label: "Whores"


  2. I don't know if we've seen the end of the "outing" if his mistresses, but I doubt that the ones who have been revealed are the only ones.